At Swami Vivekananda University, we organize several conferences and seminars to enrich our students through extracurricular events and discourses. Interacting with noted personalities and eminent scholars helps our students gain associated knowledge not found in books. It also helps to keep the atmosphere lively and rejuvenating, making for an all-encompassing educational institute!


(ICALF 2023)
International Conference on Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Food Science
(ICALF 2023)
ICSA 2023
International Conference on Scientific Advances in Life Sciences, Agriculture, and Food & Nutrition
(ICSA 2023)
ICISE 2023
International Conference on Integrative Science and Engineering
(ICISE 2023)
ICEDC 2023
International Conference on Engineering Design and Computing
(ICEDC 2023)
ICMCA 2023
International Conference on Media, Culture and Audience: Contemporary Issues and Challenges
(ICMCA 2023)
ICWEI 2023
International Conference on Women Empowerment and Inclusivity
(ICWEI 2023)
International Conference on Innovation and Advancements in Management and Social Science
(ICIAMS 2023)
National Seminar on Print Media, Culture And Society: Interdependence And Emerging Concerns
ICLMC 2023
International Conference On Literature, Media, Cultural Studies: Symbosis And Emerging Trends
ICLMC 2023
Global HEALTHCON 2023
International Conference on Linking Latitudes
International Conference on Linking Latitudes: Postcolonialism and After
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