Medical Radiology & Imaging Technology

Department of Medical Radiology & Imaging Technology

Medical Radiology & Imaging Technology (MRIT) is the degree course dedicated to utilization of modern techniques such as CT scan, MRI, X-ray, etc. for diagnosing diseases. Radiographic machinery takes internal images of the human body to enable diagnosis. The undergraduate degree programme in MRIT is the B. Sc. in Medical Radiology & Imaging Technology or BMRIT, the duration for which is 3.5 years and it is spread over 7 semesters.The medical sector advances with leaps and bounds with physicians needing skilled radiologists for proper diagnosis and efficient treatment of a disease.Department of MRIT in Swami Vivekananda University is equipped with cutting edge instruments, biological models and professionals that enable students to understand the detailed internal image of the human body. This makesapplying the knowledge in real world easy, accurate, efficient, and thus facilitates achievement of career goals. The faculties of the University are at the forefront of research in their field and their expertise benefits students greatly.

Mission & Vision

Mission: The mission of the department of MRIT is to provide high quality education in medical imaging so as to enable patient care. The department also strives towards generation of innovative solutions to imaging problems and knowledge to make a difference in the imaging field.

Vision: The vision of our department is to provide cost-efficient, timely, and high-quality education for the young generation of students who envision a career in healthcare services. We strive towards advancement in medical imaging by being updated with the latest trends in the field and contributing to the literature. We build the present by respectful but critical analysis of the past and build on it to secure the present.


Delivery of proficient teaching by experienced faculty to enable students to develop an all-encompassing knowledge about the human body and imaging techniques

Research work to enhance the field of imaging and diagnosis

Make a difference in the patient care sector

Salient Features

Equipment to get practical training for the courses. Efficient time management for the entire duration of workday with focus on each student such that their time is met with value. Mentoring of each student so that they are more accepting of the enriching learning environment of the campus.

Core Values

The core values of the department include time management such that the entirety of the study hours is efficiently utilized for learning. Practical training to develop utilizable knowledge about the human body keeping in mind the ethical guidelines important for patient handling and care. To treat every human with utmost respect and engage in collaborative work to reach undermined sectors.

Why This Department

To enrich the knowledge based skill of the individual students.

Message Desk

To enrich the knowledge based skill of the individual students.

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