Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Psychology Department currently poses five faculty members, who ensures the excellence of teaching learning method for students. Apart from study we are preparing students for internship and placement program, conduct a psychological counseling cell for career counseling and psychotherapy. We also arrange workshops, seminars and conferences regarding various psychological topics. We also engage students in multidisciplinary events, like performing arts, art therapy, play therapy.

Mission & Vision

Mission: To improve the quality of teaching learning, to apply practical knowledge about psychology, place the students in various disciplines like human resource management, clinical field, research and development.

Vision: Here we offer Graduation, Post Graduation, PhD courses in applied Psychology, internship programs, placement, research and development.

Objectives: To impart accurate knowledge of psychology, both in terms of theoretical as well as practical.

Salient Features

Why Psychology Department- Psychology is the study of human behaviour, and evolving as a multidisciplinary approach in today’s world. Application of Psychology in various disciplines is providing more exposure for students as well as employees. After completing Masters or PhD program, one can serve the population as a psychologist, one can develop research projects, and throw light on community development as well. So the need of Psychology is high in the society. Our moto is to develop the upcoming generation for dealing with the psychological disorder, human management and the wellbeing of the society.

Core Values

To increase the efficacy of students.

To help students build an awareness of mental health

To enhance their knowledge structure

To encourage them for pursuing higher education

To make them research oriented

Message Desk

Name: Dr. Nilanjana Mitra
Designation: Head , Department of Psychology

The need of the hour is to understand the human minds and Psychology being the scientific study of mind and behaviour now holds even more importance, world-wide. Here, I take the privilege to welcome you all to the Department of Psychology, Swami Vivekananda University. The department started its journey with the inception of the university and it offers B.Sc. (H) in Psychology, M.Sc. in Applied Psychology and PhD program. Apart from regular curriculum courses, the department also offers value added courses, conducts regular seminars and workshops to give the best student experience. Our faculties having diverse specialization and research interest strongly believes in the value of interdisciplinary work and thus engages students in various research experiences as well. Keeping in mind that the success of students is based on applying pedagogical experiences to practice, the department of Psychology also offers internship opportunities in different psychiatric hospitals. Hence, we aim to develop both the clinical eye and research inclination of our students, so that they can make their mark for the betterment of the society.

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