Our university campus is spacious and decorated with greenery. It gives students and faculties enough space to conduct productive experiments with plants and flowers. Students can read books anywhere in the campus.


Every classroom at our university is designed to provide a comfortable studying environment. Our classrooms have smart learning facilities, centralized AC, sufficient lighting, and fans for a stress-free learning experience.


Our Laboratories are equipped with the latest machines and apparatus for training our students for the best. Students conduct effective practical sessions under experienced faculties and proper safety instructions.


We have curated our library with thousands of study and literature books. Every student has easy access to the library and can read about interdisciplinary topics to broaden their knowledge boundaries.


At Swami Vivekananda University, we constantly upgrade our existing infrastructure to bring in newer developments and facilities. Future students can expect the benefits of several amenities, including a basketball court, an indoor swimming pool, smart conference halls, among others. Join SVU for world-class facilities and more!


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International conferences serve as platforms for scholars, professionals, and experts from various countries to come together and exchange knowledge and ideas. These conferences facilitate collaboration and networking among individuals working in diverse fields, ranging from science and technology to humanities , social sciences, life sciences and allied health sciences. Participants at international conferences often present their research findings, share best practices, and engage in discussions that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields. Keynote speakers who are often leading authorities in their domains, deliver lectures that provide valuable insights and perspectives on current issues and trends. The diverse backgrounds of attendees contribute to a rich and multicultural environment, fostering a global perspective on common challenges and opportunities. This type of conferences play a crucial role in disseminating the latest research and innovations, helping participants stay abreast of developments in their fields. Workshops and panel discussions at these conferences offer opportunities for skill development, learning new methodologies, and addressing practical challenges faced by professionals. Cultural exchange is an integral part of international conferences, allowing participants to appreciate and understand different customs, traditions, and approaches to problem-solving. The collaborative nature of these gatherings often leads to the formation of international partnerships, joint research initiatives, and the establishment of networks that endure beyond the conference itself. Overall, this type of International conferences contribute significantly to the global academic and professional communities, fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding that transcends geographical boundaries. During the time of Covid period, Swami Vivekananda University has proudly and successfully organized almost eight international conferences to cater knowledge on various multidisciplinary approaches.

In fact, after post COVID period, this prestigious university has also organized ten more international conferences with the fullest spirit and dedication to empower the various disciplines with multitudinous aspects.

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