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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

ECE focuses on understanding the behavior, design, and applications of electronic components and circuits. This includes semiconductor devices like diodes and transistors, integrated circuits, amplifiers, oscillators, and digital logic circuits. The field of ECE covers the study of various communication systems, both analog and digital and the design topology of antenna including free-space wave propagation. Various communication systems and networking protocols are incorporated here. ECE involves the analysis and manipulation of signals to extract information or enhance their quality. Signal processing techniques are used in various applications, including image processing, audio processing, speech recognition, and data compression. ECE deals with the design and fabrication of microelectronic devices and integrated circuits. It involves working with very small-scale components, often at the nanometer level, to create powerful and efficient electronic systems including designing complex integrated circuits with millions or billions of transistors on a single chip.

Mission & Vision

Mission: The Department endeavors to facilitate state of the art technical education in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering by inculcating scientific knowledge amongst the students leading towards research and to grow as Centre of Excellence in the field.

Vision: The vision of the department is to provide education to students that are directly applicable to problems and situations encountered in real life and thus foster a successful career. The department aims to provide the best platform to students and staff for their growth.

Objectives: The main objectives of the Electronics and Communication Engineering program are for the graduates to be competently successful by utilizing their specialized electronics knowledge, applying new knowledge to solve constrained problems, and developing new opportunities to positively impact society through the ethical and professional use of technological advancements. Within the first three to five years after achieving their degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, students can also show abilities relevant to these goals.

Salient Features

Versatility: ECE encompasses various technologies in electronics, telecommunications, power systems, robotics.

Innovation and Impact: ECE professionals drive technological advancements, impacting society through smart devices, renewable energy, and medical devices.

High Demand: High demand for skilled ECE professionals in technology-driven world, enabling innovation and complex problem-solving.

Career Opportunities: ECE offers diverse career opportunities in various industries.

Problem-Solving: ECE involves analytical thinking, creativity, and logical reasoning in solving complex problems.

Global Relevance: ECE skills are globally relevant, enabling international collaboration and work opportunities.

Competitive Salaries: ECE professionals enjoy competitive salaries due to demand.

Continuous Learning: ECE professionals benefit from lifelong learning opportunities in technology, ensuring intellectual fulfillment through continuous education.

Collaboration: ECE projects require diverse collaboration, enriching problem-solving through multidisciplinary teams.

Contribution to Sustainability: ECE professionals contribute to sustainable technologies, including renewable energy, energy-efficient devices, and smart systems.

Core Values

Academic achievement: via precision, ethics, and high standards.

Success by impact: by developing novel ideas and motivating students to contribute to changes in the world

Pioneering: entails questioning the existing quo and being inquisitive.

Entrepreneurial: via invention, openness to novel concepts, perseverance, and effective execution

Inspiring: through encouraging big goals, personal improvement, and societal advancement

Nurturing: by encouraging the ECE family's development and well-being in a fair and inclusive manner through group effort, interdisciplinary collaboration, and outside alliances

Why This Department

ECE is a rewarding career path that covers various technologies and applications, including electronics, telecommunications, power systems, embedded systems, control systems, robotics, and signal processing. ECE professionals are at the forefront of technological advancements, designing smart devices, improving renewable energy sources, and creating life-saving medical devices. Their skills and knowledge are globally relevant, offering opportunities to work in different countries or collaborate with international teams. ECE professionals often enjoy competitive salaries and contribute to sustainable technologies, such as renewable energy solutions and energy-efficient devices.

Message Desk

Name: Mrs.Shreya Adhikary
Designation: Coordinator , Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) in Swami Vivekananda University (SVU). This department aims to combine industrial service with top-notch instruction. Our goal is to be known as a forward-thinking and industry-leading department. In order to equip students to meet a range of societal needs, we aim to give them a balanced education that includes both academic and practical experiences. Students in ECE department at SVU are trained to become the best professionals, either as innovative entrepreneurs or as project managers, service engineer, or team leaders in the core industry as well as researcher at various R&D sectors. I have faith that many of the students in ECE department are going to create an enduring impression in the fields of science and technology, making us proud to be a part of SVU. This ECE Department, the centre of the academic life of the SVU, is built with dedicated students, a young group of vibrant faculties with a wide range of subject-matter experience, and a positive work environment. We firmly believe that we can achieve and cultivate a mindset of independence, self-assurance, dedication, and accountability to the country we have sworn to serve. This is the psychology at work in this youthful, vibrant ECE department in SVU, which values professional development, intellectual enrichment, and life-long learning experiences.

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