Food and Nutrition

Department of Food and Nutrition

The Department of Food and Nutrition at Swami Vivekananda University, under the guidance of our respected Advisory Board Members, is striving each day to narrow down the gap between scientific findings and practical day-to-day life. We are trying to understand the several dynamics of food―the chemical constituents, their biochemical aspects, as well as their interaction with the host and environment, across myriad geographical and demographic boundaries.

Mission & Vision

Mission: We, the Faculties of Department of the Food & Nutrition, SVU, work diligently, dedicatedly and with a high level of efficacy in order to impart an optimal amount of knowledge to our students, which will help them with their future endeavors in the fields of Food Processing, Food Science & Nutrition. In this age of technological advancement, where industry trends change by the day, the institute understands the necessity of adapting to the technological requirements of the hour.

Vision: Based on Swami Vivekananda’s educational ethos, our department aims to adopt an analytical, detailed, job oriented and skill based approach to education. We, the faculties of Food and Nutrition, SVU, work with a high level of efficacy to influence every facet of the student’s growth and develop their innate potential; to bridge the gap between academic intellect and professional proficiencies by instilling an optimal amount of knowledge which will facilitate them in their future work.


To uphold high academic standards and ensure students receive updated knowledge.

To implement a more analytical, thorough, and skill-based approach to education.

To groom and nurture students about the virtues of scientific methods, research, and scientific inquiry so that the students can apply critical thinking beyond campus.

Salient Features

Our responsibility towards the students is not restricted to the completion of the academic curriculum. We also provide remedial classes to enhance learning. We arrange for grooming classes to brush and polish the soft skills of our students so that they can not only land a job but make a mark as skilled professional. They are also provided with additional guidance for the National Eligibility Test (NET) and other aptitude tests. Students are constantly encouraged to participate in seminars and workshops that induce creativity, thought processes, and entrepreneurial skills among them.

Core Values

Forming positive relationships with students by contributing as motivators, advisors, and friends

Working assiduously, devotedly, and effectively influencing every aspect of the students' developments

Keeping a strong relationship with fellow faculty members, being trustworthy, supportive in nature and most importantly, having respect for each other

Why This Department

In today’s world, nutrition plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and general wellbeing. It has a tremendous impact on communities today. Keeping this in mind, our university has included this curriculum under the School of Allied Health Sciences. The curriculum of our department is designed in such a way that students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also garner hands-on experiences.

Message Desk

Name: Dr. Manisha Maity
Designation: Head , Department of Food & Nutrition

In consonance with the pedagogical ethos of Swami Vivekananda, our university, Swami Vivekananda University, has adopted an analytical, comprehensive, job-oriented, and skill-based method of instruction. In this era of technical advancement, where the industrial panorama alters constantly, the institution has grasped the necessity of conforming to the demands of the present and has placed a robust emphasis on addressing the divergence between cognitive knowledge and professional aptitudes. Students will gain from this hands-on, market-focused approach in their future undertakings. The university's greatest virtue is its didactic approach and pedagogical aptitude. The institute furnishes its students with a unique learning experience through its realistic and industry-oriented educational programme. And we, the faculty of the Department of Food & Nutrition, SVU, strive assiduously, wholeheartedly, and with a high degree of efficaciousness to shape every facet of the students' growth and hone their innate potential; to reduce the inconsistency between scholastic intelligence and expert proficiencies by infusing an adequate amount of understanding which will assist them in their eventual endeavors in the fields of food handling, food science, and nutrition.

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