Electronics & Communication Engineering

Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Diploma in Electronics and Communication at Swami Vivekananda University is uniquely designed to give students a complete understanding of the various topics of ECE. Take a look at our salient features:

Students get to interact one-on-one with industry experts and professionals, in addition to the best teachers and faculty members.

The Diploma in Electronics Engineering syllabus helps to provide students with a comprehensive learning of all relevant and associated topics.

We have the best laboratory facilities for students where they can understand the practical implications of their field of study under the supervision of expert technicians.

Students are encouraged to participate in internships and other workshops for a wholesome, educative experience.

Programme Overview

At Swami Vivekananda University, we believe that if a student finds the correct resources, they will inevitably succeed in life. This translates to our educational infrastructure, where we have left no stone unturned to provide students with the very best learning resources and teaching faculties. Our students remain under the supervision of our list of expert teachers and guest industrial experts. Our Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering covers all the relevant knowledge bases, so students are equipped with the correct skill sets after their course. Moreover, we make sure to give them the foundation for pursuing higher education, should they so wish.

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Course Eligibility

Students must have passed their 10-level board exams from a recognized board.

Students must have passed 10 board exams under the Science stream.

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Career Opportunities


As a Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering holder, students can work in a variety of sectors in the capacity of a Production Quality Manager or a Production Manager. Apart from that, students can also work as engineers or technicians in production lines and assembly lines. Additionally, they can do into R&D divisions of companies and work as Product Developers. Students can also choose to go into further studies and get an MBA degree and work in corporate in any department. They can also complete a degree course and get a PhD and become a full-time Professor.

On an average, the salary package for a Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering holder varies greatly, from 5LPA to 20LPA in some cases. It depends entirely on the kind of company that they are joining, what is the job profile that students will handle, as well as the personal capability of the student. Thus, as Engineers in any sector, they are likely to get a starting package of 3-5LPA, while as Product Manager or Development Managers, they can get upwards of 7LPA. If they decide to go into academics, a full-time Professor will earn a minimum of 10LPA at the starting. If they handle entire divisions entirely, this amount can double to 20LPA.

Any company that deals with manufacturing and fabrication will inevitably have a place for Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering students. Apart from that, power generation companies, telecom industries, software industries and airline sectors are some of the high-paying sectors which students can opt for.

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