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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

The Diploma in Mechanical Engineering program at Swami Vivekananda University equips students with a comprehensive understanding of mechanical systems, processes, and design principles. The curriculum of the mechanical diploma course aims to develop students' practical skills in areas like engineering mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, manufacturing processes, and machine design. Students of the diploma mechanical engineering course will be exposed to hands-on training, laboratory experiments, and design projects, enabling them to apply theoretical concepts to real-world engineering problems. The diploma in mechanical engineering duration is for 3 years.

Programme Overview

After completion of the mechanical engineering diploma course, students will have a broad set of skills after the completion of this course, that prepare them for various career opportunities, including product design, manufacturing, automotive engineering, or research and development.

Covers the principles of statics and dynamics, enabling students to analyze and design mechanical structures and systems.

Introduces the basic laws of thermodynamics and their applications in energy conversion systems and refrigeration.

Provides a comprehensive understanding of fluid properties, behavior, and principles of fluid flow, including applications such as pumps and turbines.

Explores various manufacturing techniques, including machining, casting, welding, and material handling.

Focuses on the design and analysis of mechanical components and systems, including stress analysis and material selection.

Covers the principles of conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer, essential for designing efficient heat exchange systems.

Provides an introduction to robotics, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and computer-aided design (CAD) tools, enhancing students' knowledge of modern manufacturing practices.

Allows students to specialize in areas such as automobile engineering, renewable energy applications, or aerospace engineering.

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Course Eligibility

Candidate must have completed the secondary or equivalent examination with the minimum of 35% from a recognized board.

English, Physical Science/Science and Math must have been subjects during the secondary or equivalent examination.

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Career Opportunities

Getting a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering after the 10 level has several benefits. For starters, after the Diploma is done, students can get admission directly into the 2nd year of a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering degree. If not, they can apply for well-paying jobs after completing the course and gain valuable work experience that will help them further their careers.

Some potential job posts for a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering holder are Planning Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Teacher or Consultant, and Mechanical Consultant.

Freshers can expect a salary package of 1.5-2.15 LPA right after leaving the course. However, this figure varies according to the work experience gained and also the company in question.

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