B.Sc.(H) in Biotechnology

B.Sc in Bio technology course in Kolkata

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B.Sc in Bio technology course in Kolkata

B.Sc in Bio technology course in Kolkata

Swami Vivekananda University is the best B.Sc in biotechnology colleges in Kolkata and a comprehensive undergraduate degree aimed to provide students with a solid foundation in the field of biotechnology. The b.sc biotechnology courses integrate theoretical and practical knowledge to equip students for a variety of employment in the biotechnology sector, research organizations, and academia. The b.sc in bio technology course in kolkata is a three-year specialized undergraduate degree study. The degree program is three years in length. Swami Vivekananda University's biotechnology courses after 12th curriculum are meticulously designed to cover fundamental topics in biotechnology and associated fields. The course is normally divided into # six semesters over three years. Students enrolling in the course develop a variety of skills and information to plan and conduct experiments to investigate the life processes and behavior of living creatures such as cells, tissues, bacteria, fungi, and algae. Their research will be used to create goods that will improve people's quality of life.



Program Overview

Swami Vivekananda University's b.sc biotechnology courses include hands-on instruction. Students are given laboratory experience as well as hands-on training in various biotechnology approaches. Students may also have the opportunity to collaborate on research projects or internships with faculty members or industry partners.

  • The program may provide students with a variety of elective courses that allow them to specialize in specific areas of biotechnology based on their interests and professional ambitions. Students of Swami Vivekananda University's b.sc biotechnology courses can pursue a variety of employment routes.
  • Swami Vivekananda University's B.Sc. in Biotechnology program provides students with a comprehensive education in biotechnology, equipping them with the knowledge and abilities needed to excel in the dynamic and continuously expanding field of biotechnology. students are well-prepared for exciting careers or advanced degrees in biotechnology or related fields.

Course Eligibility

  • 10+2 in physics, chemistry, and biology from a reputable board is necessary.
  • Individuals must have completed 10+2 from a recognised board with a minimum of 50% marks.

Syllabus :

Syllabus of B.Sc.(H) in Biotechnology

Career Opportunities :

Research Associate

Research Scientist

Biotech Product Analyst

Marketing Manager